Franck Bordese, Executive Director, New York

James Hurst, London
Dr Clara Seeger

I was not in love with my partner.  I was not enjoying my work either, which made me feel rubbish and in addition, I was feeling guilty about money.  I wasn’t doing anything about any of this as I could not face being honest with myself.  Rachel helped and challenged me to realise that there were steps that I could take to get myself out of these situations and that I would feel much better and move into circumstances that actually make me feel good.

In six sessions with Rachel, I achieved all three goals that I had set at the start.  Plus, I feel motivated and have started a project of my own.  I am now more direct with people and more honest with myself.  I have options about what I will do with money and feel good about it.

Franck Bordese, Executive Director, New York