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Business Fit magazine, September 2021

Magazine Article

9 Brain-Friendly Strategies to Boost Peak Performance at Work (Business Fit magazine, September 2021)

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Interview by Zen (February 2020)

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Neurolanguage Collective Magazine

Magazine Articles

How Can Neuroscience Inform Our Coaching Practice – Six Strategies To Facilitate An Optimal Brain State In Coachees (Neurolanguage Collective magazine October 2019 (1st edition)

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Flow Happy (Neurolanguage Collective magazine, January 2020)

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Interview (October 2019)

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OK! Magazine

Featured and named in a photograph

Woman and Home Magazine


Woman Magazine


The Extraordinary Experts Academy members’ newsletter

The Insider April 2015
(audio & written interview)


Interviewed by TV’s expert animal behaviourist, Sarah Whitehead, for her Inner Circle members’ podcast.
January 2019.

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Interview (Neurolanguage Coaching, Rachel Paling Podcast Series, Episode 19)

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Pivotal by Nikki Halsall

Walter McFarland and Susan Goldsworthy

Choosing Change (2013) McGraw-Hill Professional
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Writing Featured Online:

5 Hidden Challenges and 5 Opportunities in Developing Your Coaching Supervision Practice (ICCS, 13 October 2021)

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Five questions that we frequently get asked about Brain-Based Coaching Certificate training programme

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Why the thing that you are unsure about could be the thing that super charges your life

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My adventure from leaving a corporate career to becoming a professional coach

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Workplace coaching: Five reasons why you don’t need to be a manager to benefit from learning brain-based coaching skills

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Women Leaders Association

2 page article in monthly newsletter The big health pick and mix

30 tips to boost your wellbeing, 29 January 2014

7 tips for a healthier work-life balance for parents, 29 January 2014

Regular online column from January 2007