Servane Mouazan

Helen Walter
Justyna Bizdra

I was experiencing a lack of confidence, lack of capacity to reward or congratulate myself, achieving
things by overstretching and not taking enough care of myself. I had never learned how to say ‘well
done’ to myself nor to really appreciate the value of my own work. I needed appreciation from others
to “exist”! I also had a blurry ambition and vague plan, which didn’t help to sustain my own business.
Having coaching with Rachel enabled me to get over my fears or lack of confidence by appreciating
the discipline I could design for myself and implement. I learnt to believe in myself and take the time
to celebrate my success. I attained a nice workflow and an enjoyable leisure time! Finally, I was able
to pause and reflect on my activities.
From Rachel’s coaching, I got great, compact and measurable results in a very short span of time.
Rachel was bold and gentle all together to sustain my eagerness to achieve. She was always
attentive to make sure I stayed kind to myself. She picked up my “language” and worked straight
away with it by designing exercises that were fit for my needs. I learned a lot about myself and a lot
about coaching simultaneously.​
The technique and the structure used were followed as planned, however with great creativity and my
tangible goals were 100% achieved.

Servane MouazanFounder and Managing DirectorOguntê