Sarah Woodward

Des Bravington
Caroline Banks

With the help of Rachel’s coaching, I’ve gone from lackluster to bursting with energy, motivation and
commitment to make my business a success. My most significant insight has been to keep taking
action without worrying about whether or not it’s exactly the right thing to do. The amazing thing is
that although I made this connection whilst discussing my career, I realised that it had much wider
implications and had been stopping me from moving forward in other areas of my life.

Rachel is the easiest person to talk to – she listens with passion and I always feel understood and
very comfortable even talking about sensitive issues. I can’t thank or recommend Rachel highly
enough for her gentle, empathetic and patient approach, which allowed me to work at my pace and
discover solutions that really work for me. Coaching with Rachel has given me the best platform in
which to tackle areas of my life that were underperforming! Be warned, she always asks the question
you don’t want to answer, however it’s great to be stretched and achieve things you never imagined!

Sarah WoodwardTwickenham