Nikki Halsall

Susan Hollins
Helen Walter

I was stuck with loads of ideas about what I wanted to achieve and difficulty trying to prioritise them. I
had a clear idea about where I wanted to go and my end game for 12 months time but no idea about
how to get there, both financially, with my “job” and with my time. I just seemed to be treading water.
I had previously recovered from a thyroid disorder which had made it difficult to lose weight and had
also knocked a lot of confidence out of me. I was ambitious but felt I needed to push on to the next
level. I needed a coach to help me focus on what was important to me and to remind myself of all the
talents within.
I now feel 110% better in myself. My confidence is sky high. I have rediscovered what is important to
me and made discoveries of talents and passions for lots of new things. Being coached by Rachel
has contributed to 2007 being a great year. Better still I am confident that 2008 will now be a superb

Nikki HalsallWriter/ Coach/ Recruitment Consultant