Mike Wade – Vice-President of Digital Supply Chain Line of Business – EMEA South SAP, Dubai

Stewart Laing, Performance Director, GB Short Track Speed Skating, Nottingham
Simon Henry, Chief Financial Officer, Three, Ireland

Before starting coaching with Rachel, I found myself not being resourceful and lacking resiliency. I knew & recognised that in leading my part of the business, I was reacting to challenges & and unexpected outcomes in a way that didn’t help me in my private life and certainly was not translating to effective leadership. I was taking everything super personally and in turn my behaviour reflected this. 

I took the responsibility of the team and business area performance to heart. I rarely celebrated success – team or personal success. I tried to ‘manage’ people and situations as opposed to ‘leading’, guiding & coaching.  I wasn’t focused on what I could do to help the individuals perform better. I saw everything as ‘my’ failure. I knew that I needed to change but I didn’t have the headspace, tools and thinking to work through how differently things could look. My wife commented that I was bringing ‘things’ home more & more. 

I knew that I needed outside help to develop tools and techniques to improve the way that I behaved and the way that I lead the team. Right after the first coaching call with Rachel, I realised that this was the way I was going to change.  I was able to define what success looked like for the team, for the business area and for me. This translated into a series of behavioural changes that have made me more focused on enabling and supporting the team. I have the responsibility for setting vision & direction, and now adopt a Servant Leadership approach – as challenged by Rachel! 

I am now aware of how my behaviour and communication style impacts others.  I am calmer in difficult situations and despite the impact of COVID-19 on business and how it has changed the way we work; I have continually adapted. I completed a 360-degree feedback process which positively highlighted the changes I have made. We run a ‘People Pulse’ survey every 6 months.  Between the 2019 & 2020 surveys, I’ve seen a significant move upwards in my Leadership Trust score.  This is directly attributable to the coaching that I have received from Rachel and the way that she’s helped me.  Nominated as a Catalyst in 2020, I’ve created a challenge with a global team called -“Servant Leadership in High Performing Sales

Mike Wade - Vice-President of Digital Supply Chain Line of Business - EMEA South SAP, Dubai