Ms R Law
Catherine Conway

I was stuck and feeling confused and frustrated around a couple of important areas in my life.
Firstly, my husband and I had invested a 6-figure sum in a business, which (for a variety of reasons)
had lain dormant for around 3 years. In addition, I was feeling very dissatisfied with our predictable
and unvaried social life – we weren’t having enough fun. Letting the problems drag on, I was making
a number of assumptions that were stopping me from making progress.

For example, I was always worrying about my husband’s chronic back pain and repeatedly thinking that
lots of social activities were restricted because of this. Also, I kept waiting for others to make things happen.
“I needed to be more decisive, to take the initiative, and to create more certainty for both myself and
others. I also needed to be more mindful of what I needed, balancing this with a concern for what
others need. As a result of having a twelve-week coaching series with Rachel:

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