Helen Walter

Nikki Halsall
Servane Mouazan

I was unsure of what to do or where to go generally. I was unable to think clearly and felt a loss of
control. I lacked confidence and self-belief. I needed to have the confidence to make a life changing
decision – to leave my husband and to go for the Head of Department role I had been too scared to
take; and to realise that I did know how to do things, that I could rely on myself.
As a result from having coaching with Rachel, I became Head of the Fashion Department, which
meant more money, so that I could afford to move out; as well as being beneficial to my career. I
left my relationship, which has shown me I can do it alone – in fact people are asking me how I did it
now! So the tables have turned somewhat! Friends say I seem happier and more confident than
ever. I feel more relaxed in myself and in control.

Helen Walterformer Head of Fashion, Auctioning4U