Dr Clara Seeger

Franck Bordese, Executive Director, New York
Paul McGinniss

Originally one of her coach trainers at RCS in 2003, I was impressed by Rachel’s quick grasp of
coaching skills and techniques as well as her enthusiasm and determination to make it as a coach.
She showed great courage and self-belief when she decided to give up employed work and build up
her own business as a coach which is now thriving. I admire her warmth and infectious enthusiasm
coupled with a down-to-earth pragmatism that encourages her clients to move forward and reach
their goals. ​

Rachel has many talents and her broad range of expertise covers everything from one-to-one
coaching, group coaching, writing to running a variety of motivational workshops and last but not
least to making a substantial contribution to building a fabulous network of like-minded coaches
through her organisation of events such as Coach Connection and CoachFest.

Dr Clara SeegerLondon