Deborah Jones

Celine McKeown
Des Bravington

2009 had been a difficult year, with contracts cancelled due to the recession. It was a struggle to
keep motivated and confident to continue working for myself. I wanted to have a coach in my corner
to help keep me motivated towards my goals, give a second opinion and someone else to “work for”
other than myself.

As a result I gained greater self confidence, as I took on more work this year, as well as renewed
motivation to do the kind of work that is in line with my personal purpose. All my goals were
achieved 100% and I have continued with the actions once the coaching finished. Rachel is a great
coach, with a great balance of personal empathy and techniques to keep you calm, motivated and
focused. If you are looking for a coach who knows all about our brains and will help you change your
thinking and behavioural habits as well as achieve new goals, Rachel will help you do this. Her
coaching is efficient and effective as well as being great value for money! I highly recommend

Deborah JonesMD, Jones Consulting LtdLeicester