Celine McKeown

Rachel Barnard
Deborah Jones

I was feeling overwhelmed by all the demands on my time: I was trying to start a new business,
whilst earn income through part-time consultancy and look after two small children under age three.
Feeling like the days were not long enough, I was exhausted and generally felt guilty whatever I was
doing! I was also driving myself as hard as I did before becoming a mother, underestimating and
undervaluing the time it takes to run a household and bring up children. Rachel challenged me to
realise that striving for perfection was getting in the way of enjoying life. I now set myself more
realistic goals and am able to feel a sense of achievement, instead of failure at the end of each day.
My levels of stress are significantly reduced and my general health has also improved.

Celine McKeownConsultantBrighton