Sonja Weckstrom-Nousiainen

Céline McKeown
John Freeman

I would like to acknowledge Rachel for her rare and significant Talent in the Coaching and Talent
Management field. I learned to know Rachel as a top notch professional with a warm, enthusiastic,
caring and inspirational way to instruct, facilitate and engage me and my fellow students in becoming
great coaches. In addition to this very human and supportive approach in her role as instructor,
facilitator, trainer and assessor, Rachel was challenging us to become better, learn more and aim
higher throughout the whole learning process. ​
Her approach was to both provide profound support, but at the same time stretch you to reach your
full potential, which makes Rachel one of the best trainers, facilitators and assessors I have ever had
the opportunity to work with during my 20 + years working in the Learning and Development &
Talent Management field.

Sonja Weckstrom-NousiainenPrincipal Consultant, Right ManagementFinland