ARE YOU BEING THE REAL YOU? Challenge your integrity
ARE YOU LISTENING? Or are you simply hearing?

Following the Easter holiday and now at the start of the second quarter of the year, you may be reflecting on how the year has gone so far and whether you are on track to achieve your goals for the next three months and their contribution to the overall success of 2018. If you are not doing this, here’s why I encourage you to start thinking about it today.

What we do every day determines our daily results for and contributes to the outcomes for the week.

Most of what we do will be on auto-pilot and predictable: the human brain will gladly help you make things habitual. The challenge is that your brain will not only select the positive thinking, beliefs and actions, it will hardwire everything it can so that it uses less energy. This means that all the negative stuff is in there as well.

Due to the impressive efficiency of the brain and frequently huge effort involved in having willpower, making changes to what is already installed is extremely taxing. It involves making decisions and selecting a choice uses up vast amounts of brain power. Intuitively we know this which is why for example; pressing snooze on the morning wake-up alarm (or increasingly enabling our Smartphone to do this for us) is far easier than jumping out of bed because we would like to get up earlier. I know a lot about this one…

However, could it be that your morning or evening routine is now jaded and a little bit too predictable and well, routine? Could your current ways of how you start and end the day be getting in the way for what you really want in life? If you carry on with your current routines, will you miss your targets for 2018?

What opportunity is there for you to change things up a little so that you can create different results?

When we change just 1 small thing about our predictable routines it creates a domino effect so that we are then more likely to start introducing another helpful habit and so on. Often the consequential habit takes no effort at all, it just happens.

What part of your daily routine will benefit from tweaking?

How will you (and others) benefit?