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Yes, we are now halfway through the year. Eek! How is it shaping up for you? If you are experiencing the sense that time is whizzing by and that this year may be getting a little out of control, you are not alone.

In the last fifteen years of working as a professional coach, I have found that without exception, people find it difficult to stop and celebrate their personal and professional achievements and acknowledge themselves for what is going well in their own life. It doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, what age or whether they are in the public eye, a corporate CEO, serial entrepreneur, in elite sport or running their own creative small business. Even those who lead performance in their team frequently don’t apply the same review of and for themselves…

As acknowledging success encourages repeat thinking, feeling and behaviour (and of course, the opposite is also true) I would like to encourage and help you.  Get your favourite drink, find a place where you feel relaxed and inspired and take about 10 minutes to take stock and review your success and what is going well in order to celebrate the six-months so far this year.

Oh and if you are currently thinking that this year more resembles the after-math of an outdoor music festival or scenes from Twister, then I strongly recommend that you bother to complete this exercise regardless of how you initially feel.

The following 7 questions are deliberately simple, yet effective.  Refrain from any self-censorship in your answers – allow your intuition to be your guide:

What has gone well so far this year?

What do you need to celebrate?

Where have you exceeded your own expectations?

What needs to happen to ensure the next six month’s success?

Where are the current opportunities for you to step up and do even better?

What excuses do you need to let go of?

In December, how will you know that you absolutely nailed the last six months of the year?

By the way, you could ask yourself these questions at the end of every month, each week or daily if you are so inspired.

Plus, if you want to celebrate even more, boost your motivation and discover the blind-spots in your personal impact that could blight your results, come along to a Brighter Thinking LIVE! fun and highly interactive workshop.