WOULD YOU BUY YOUR LIFE? Incisive question to help you celebrate or make some changes


This was the powerful question that I was asked a few weeks ago from a
coach whom I was assessing. This insightful enquiry was in response to
my revelation that I derived huge satisfaction when I returned to Oxford
and bought a painting as a reward for achieving my BA (Hons) degree –
instead of having been given it.

This question got me thinking. I realised that even though there are
some aspects of my life that are not completely how I would like them to
be (e.g. my love life currently feels like it resembles a Shakespeare
tragedy with unrequited love and ‘star-crossed lovers’… however, I am
sure it will become a Comedy soon!) I do in fact buy ME.

I share this because this concept may also resonate with you. If
various parts of your life at home or your working life are not making
you happy or fulfilled, you can choose to change them. Even in a
recession. For example, accept redundancy which could enable you to
change career; or move home; take up a new interest, make new friends

Also, even if you do not fully buy all of you right now, you can change
you too. For example, increase confidence, raise productivity, make more
time for yourself, change your attitude at work, improve your
communication in relationships, focus on your health, change negative
habits, angry responses e.t.c.

Obviously, changing something in your life or about yourself, can be
very, very hard and some objective, focused support, bold challenges, a
sounding board, insights, structure and accountability are extremely
useful to make it actually happen. Of course, I would say this: it is
what my one-to-one clients or workshop participants, ask me to deliver!

So, to encourage some Brighter Thinking, here are a few questions that I
have developed continuing this retail theme to get you started:

Would you buy your life?

Is there anything that you would like to exchange?

Is there anything that needs to be refunded?

Which areas of your life are giving you the most value?

Which areas need investing in?

Are there any areas that have exceeded their sell-by dates and need to
be discarded?

What are you going to do differently now to ensure your ‘purchases’ are

How can you celebrate the areas in your life and in yourself that you
are happy to buy?