Workshop Testimonials

Trainer Testimonials

Thank you for the life coaching group sessions, it was a good view of what I can achieve when I put
my mind to it!

Rose Gruar

I enjoyed attending the weekly group facilitated by Rachel, as she helped me to understand that
changing our lifestyles and the way we think is really quite simple. That it is the obstacles in our
minds that stop us from becoming that which we want to be. Rachel allows one to realise that as
individuals we create our own reality and this is in accordance to what we choose to think or believe.
Going to the sessions allowed me to step out of my comfort zone which is often more like a prison
and step into a sense of self that is no longer built on limitation. Rachel facilitates this process with
an approach which is completely non-judgmental but quietly challenging. I would recommend
anybody who feels like a wheel stuck in the mud to attend one of Rachel’s coaching groups.

Courtney PowerArtist and trainee art teacher

I was unhappy with low self-esteem, my people pleasing behaviour and my addiction to alcohol. I
have now learnt to help myself and how to keep motivated towards reaching my goals. I have
recommended the workshops to others and as for, Rachel, 200%!


I was feeling isolated with my partner’s problems and had a lack of confidence in myself and no
goals. I needed to be more assertive. As a result of attending the group, I am able to say ‘no’ and
set boundaries for myself.


I had a lack of confidence and was suffering from addiction, depression and grief. I needed
motivation and goals for the week. Attending the group has enabled me to believe in myself,
motivated me to clear out my clutter and do some DIY in my home.


I needed something to help me with both my depression and serious alcohol problem. Being
coached by Rachel has given me a new lease of life and a positive attitude to all the things that I
have now set out to do.


Since my life coaching with Rachel, I am now on good terms with all of my family. I am now
employed and off all benefits which is a truly wonderful feeling! I am more at peace with myself than
I have ever been; my confidence and self-esteem are creeping up. The encouragement that Rachel
offered, together with her wise and quiet guidance were valuable and inspiring to me.


With Rachel’s guidance I began to take responsibility for my life as I realised that if I did not change
then nothing would change. I realised that my clutter was holding me back and costing me dear.
She could see where my difficulties were and helped me to find solutions. Since going to the Maida
Vale group, I have realised that I have all the answers within me. During the week when I am having
difficulty reaching a goal which I have set in the session, I can hear Rachel’s voice issuing
encouragement. I am also feeling empowered as I tackle jobs, which before the sessions I dreaded
and did not believe that completing them would make me feel better.

Mrs C PraxOffice / Property ManagerLondon

I attended the Vision, Goals and Motivation training facilitated by Rachel Bamber in 2008. She was
focused on the needs of the group, knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile for participants and
made room for interaction and discussion. The workshop was not only useful but also enjoyable –
probably the most important aspect for a worthwhile learning experience.

Yorke RoddaLondon medical photographer

I recommend going to the Vision, Goals and Motivation seminars. It is really beneficial if you are in
to process of starting up a business and don’t feel you are making much headway. This training
course really gets you to break your goals down into manageable steps. I also found it really helpful
hearing others experiences so I didn’t feel alone.

Georgina Ross-CameronOwner, Cuteulook

I was trying to juggle and do everything, and not getting anything done. I was not using my time
efficiently and experiencing a loss of motivation and focus due to poor time management and
planning. As a result of attending Rachel’s Vision, Goals and Motivation workshops, I learnt to
allocate my time and plan for the weeks ahead. By actually sitting down and filling in a time allocation
this enables me to ‘attempt’ to stick to the schedule and achieve what I set out to do. It has helped
me to keep focused.

Christy JadeThe Earring SpecialistNotting Hill, London

Brighter Thinking approach to get things done: a great workshop that was informative, insightful and
applicable to my everyday life. The next day I was motivated to create my new to-do list and go for a
run! Not bad going when I’d been putting both off for a long time. Thank you!

Nicola O’SullivanNew Clarity for You, Middlesex

I had a desire to learn new approaches to work and management and to ‘jump over my shadow’
with relation to old unproductive ones. With no previous management training, I wanted advice and
exercises to help shift unhelpful ingrained habits. It was good to work in a group with opportunities
for shared experiences that one does not necessarily have when running one’s own business. Rachel
is an inspirational teacher, which helps too of course! Rachel’s Vision, Goals and Motivation workshop
was a great learning environment for new personal strategies and motivational skills.

Miles WatsonDirector, Urban Eye and professional fine artistLondon

I was concerned about growing my business and entering a new market due to a lack of self
confidence, knowledge, planning and time management. I needed to learn how to time manage and
find a free space in the day to enable me to lead a slightly less stressful life. Rachel’s Vision,
Motivation and Goals course was fabulous! I finally planned the structure up the launch which has
held me in great stead – I am due to launch in 10 days time and so far all has run on time! I time
manage more efficiently now on a week to week basis.

Victoria LesterVictoria Bain Embroided Textiles & Design ConsultancyIslington, London

I had been procrastinating with a personal task and ten months later, I was no nearer to completion.
The day after attending the Motivation workshop in November, I tried Rachel’s 10 minute technique.
In 10 minutes, I had broken the back of the task and I completed it within a week! I was very
pleased and relieved to get this task done and this is a technique that I will be using again.

Joan GrantProprietor, No Frills GardeningNotting Hill, London

What I loved about Rachel’s The neuroscience of insight – in practice workshop at the ICF
Conference (Nov 2011) is that she takes what could be considered a complex science and explains it
with stimulating practical examples. There is no doubt that Rachel is at the forefront of this exciting
and fast developing science.

Alan WilsonFounder and Creator of the charity Every Family Matters

Rachel Bamber has delivered her Brighter Thinking Vision, Goals and Motivation workshops for our
clients at the Portobello Business Centre, since March 2008.  Rachel takes pride in her work and is
focused, motivated and results driven.  Attendees have created a compelling vision for themselves
and their business. They have learnt how to set exciting goals and strategies to achieve their vision
and gained crucial tips and techniques to enable them to remain focused, avoid procrastination and
increase productivity. I have enjoyed working with Rachel because she is enthusiastic and has a
flexible, innovative approach to training always coming up with new ideas which meet the needs of
our demanding client base.

Maria StammersSenior Business Advisor, Portobello Business Centre

Rachel Bamber delivered an excellent presentation for CMI members on using neuroscience to get things
done. Through an engaging workshop Rachel made the complex science easy to understand. She highlighted
the common bad habits and gave us practical ideas and next steps on how to work with our brain, rather
than against it. Our participants particularly enjoyed the mindfulness exercise and we all left committed
to put the insights into practice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel as speaker and facilitator.

Eszter Molnar MillsProgramme Director
Chartered Management Institute

Your pitch, style, tone and approach was exceptional and fitted your audience
perfectly, a seamless performance for sure. I spent 4 years teaching in Leadership &
Management at the Fire Service College and have to say I have not seen a better
balanced delivery: content great too!

Garry CollinsBorough CommanderEast Sussex Fire & Rescue Service