Why creativity & confidence are connected

BRAINS LIKE HOLIDAYS TOO: 3 simple steps to benefit your brain

Not allowing yourself the freedom to pursue or express your creative talents is a HUGE depressor of mojo and confidence.  I use the word “depressor” deliberately.  Many clients come to me for coaching feeling stuck, down, not feeling like themselves any more, frequently unsure if they are in the correct career and/or right relationship or alternatively, lacking motivation to grow their creative business.

When we start working together, it soon becomes apparent that a contributing factor to their current situation is that they are squashing their mojo by not permitting themselves to make time and space for what they love to do.  They are denying their own uniqueness.  Curiously, this is often a form of creative expression that they are naturally talented at and ironically, in a typical business owner’s case, ultimately what they get paid to do!

I know from experience that if I do not cook from scratch for a while, because for example, I’ve been out for dinner a lot or previous cooked meals have been reheated from the freezer (alright, sometimes it is a ping meal!) I start feeling restless and a bit off.  The same applies if I don’t write, think about ideas or create and play in my business.  I feel depleted.

Do you resonate with this too?

Giving permission to allocate time and really love being creative in whatever way(s) gives you joy, makes you feel most alive and even “stops the noise” in your mind, is vital to boosting your mojo and increasing AND maintaining confidence – plus, of course, self-esteem.  It is what makes you, well, you!  When my clients generate the space to be totally absorbed in the zone of their creative skills and favourite artistic discipline, the positive difference is palpable at the next coaching session.  The uplift in their voice and energy is so gratifying!  The sparkle has returned to their eyes.

There is a sense of relief too.   They are more accepting of themselves and who they really are.  The benefits do not end there.  Relaxing and quietening the mind in a creative endeavour, enables the brain to make connections, form ideas and find solutions to current challenges.  These may be realised by a sudden insight (“Aha!”) which is extremely self-motivating and therefore more likely to lead to action.  This contributes to an excited and powerful step towards goal achievement.

What forms of creativity are YOU inspired to try out or resume doing?