WHICH ROOM ARE YOU IN? August matters to elicit change

“HOPEFULLY TRY AND READ THIS”: the impact of power words

In my internal visual depiction of the calendar year, August is opposite December. This may sound strange, however we all have a representation of time inside us and also externally: I first learnt about this during my NLP Practitioner training over twelve years ago.  If someone has their past in front of them, then you need to worry!

Whilst for many people around the world the eighth month of the year, is a traditional time for a long holiday, it is also a frequent time of reflection, planning and sometimes, panic.  Yes, the holiday and subsequent emotions are often linked. However, fret not, there are still five months remaining to make 2016 your best year yet!

Having just moved home to a completely new area with a different lifestyle in what could be deemed a dramatic BIG change, I can personally attest once again to the motivating and courageous energy of making a big shift in life – and to the power of novelty.  Regular readers will recall that in simple terms, the brain is easily bored and I believe that our psyche is too.  It is not clear whether your brain and you are one and the same… the debate goes on.

When we are within the same four walls for any length of time we are literally confined within our current environment.  We tend to see challenges in the same way and long term obstacles as ones that cannot be overcome.  We become conditioned to that environment and fall into predictable routines.  Remember, your brain will ably assist you in this, because by following repeatable patterns, it is less stressful and uses a lot less energy.  We become stuck in the same neural groove or in other words, use the path with the least resistance. 

Whether your life is exactly how you would like it right now or nowhere near to your ideal, thinking, being and doing the same for years and hanging around the same places will give you exactly the same results.  There is no room for growth, transformation or change.  This is where it really matters because humans are naturally wired to explore, seek and innovate. 

By all means, use the holiday time and new surroundings that you visit to think about your life and see and create opportunities for solution.  However, for you to fully live and to exceed your own expectations, it is highly likely that when you return, you will have to be bold and brave and move beyond what you can see now, if you are to ever achieve them – and of course reach your potential.  Fortunately, there is an event on in Rio this August involving individuals and teams inspiring us to go beyond our self-contained boundaries. This time I have a professional interest in the outcome which is exciting!  

Remember, if it is not going to be now, when? What current challenge would benefit from you being in a different room to think about it?