Like many people I have been battling with a horrid flu virus this week and attempting to combat it with every solution that I can think of, to no avail. I noticed today that it is only when I have given in to being ill and therefore consciously decided to accept my situation that I have started to feel a bit better. Some say that acceptance is the key to finding inner peace. The old adage what you resist persists springs to mind with the premise that you suffer when you want things to be different from how they are. Often excessively blaming internally and externally for things being not to our liking too.

We can choose to label emotions and experiences as good or bad. A clever adaptation of the human brain enables us to do this whereas other creatures supposedly cannot. Perhaps, when we do this we are attempting to control our energy? Certainly when we let go and stop resisting, we unleash a block and therefore lots of energy with it. Often the solution will then present itself. It is a bit like stopping looking for that lost item and then suddenly you have an insight as to exactly where it is.

Acceptance and self-acceptance may well be a lifetime’s journey however, it is the remembering to practise them regularly that is beneficial… and if you don’t, simply being okay with that and moving onto the next time, without judgement or criticism.