WHAT IS YOUR ONE CHANGE? This small change will make a big impact

WHAT IS YOUR 100 PERCENT? Feel good, not frustrated

We are now into the sixth month of the year so halfway between what you said that you would like to happen and achieve by the end of 2017. 

How are you doing?  I expect that you are doing far better than you think you are!  If you haven’t already, take a moment to celebrate your success from January to May 2017:

What were the standout situations where you were really laughing and having fun?  What was the best time with friends and family? 

Where have you really shined in your work? 

What are you most proud of so far this year? 

… And depending where you are at, “getting through it” may be the most appropriate answer to that last question.

However, as you probably know, here at Brighter Thinking, that is not our belief of what is possible or what anyone needs to settle for – and this includes YOU. 

“Yes, but there are so many different things that I would like to improve or work on, that I don’t know where to start!” is a common exclamation.  Unfortunately, most people begin a whirlwind of attempting to change everything and then get disheartened as inevitably their motivation slips, progress is slow and satisfaction levels plummet – and stress levels rise exponentially.  So what can you do instead?

Start with the ONE that you think is the least critical or is the smallest thing.

You are likely to shrug it off as not being that significant or think that “loads of people do this”, which incidentally is a good reason to go against the crowd! It is probably a TINY habit that you do, or don’t do, that repeatedly gets in the way of your success and ultimate happiness… and your intuition will nudge you as to exactly what it is!

It will be something that is easy to measure and obvious as to whether you do it or not. Plus, it is likely to be a positive, new habit that you can quickly and easily install on a daily, or at least for the working week basis.

The key is to focus on making this ONE CHANGE and to repeatedly do this until it becomes an easy part of your day, hardwires in the brain – and that you really WANT to do it as you regularly experience its benefits. How long this will take will be determined by multiple factors, so please refrain from believing the habit myths out there – no two brains are alike!

WhAt ONE CHANGE are you going to commit to implementing?

Please let me know your answer at info@rachelbamber.com and I promise to cheer you on throughout June and give you some brain-friendly strategies bespoke to your particular ONE CHANGE to help you succeed. DECIDING and DECLARING to make this ONE CHANGE are the first steps.

Also, I will be revealing my ONE CHANGE in a video which you will receive later this month. Success is more fun together!