WHAT IS YOUR NEXT CHOICE? How the small decisions add up to success

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WHAT IS YOUR NEXT CHOICE? How the small decisions add up to success


During delivery of a recent leadership skills training, I interviewed a top strategist working for John Deere.  Answering my question what is strategy? Tony Llano, surprised us all by revealing that “strategy is about making choices, and often, it is about choosing what not to do in a particular context.”


His simple explanation empowers: we all have the skills to make choices, so therefore we all have the ability to plan and strategise.  Yet when working with clients, having described their Vision, created their compelling goals and established their starting point, many people struggle to formulate the plan, or to decide the major stepping stones across the river to achieve their targets.


Some want to rush into action straight away.  Others find it challenging to see the path ahead or look back from the future to determine the key markers that had to be reached.  I empathise, as I can experience this too!


However, keeping the end in mind (your compelling goal) really helps here.  Focusing on the destination of success, means that the distractions and choices that you will encounter every day can be dealt with through the lens of what you are ultimately aiming to achieve.


You will have experienced that your brain is easily distracted, ready to be lured away to something much more fun, especially when facing a difficult challenge.  In terms of your brain, a challenge is anything that involves focusing on a task for more than a few minutes (seconds!).


So, when your goal feels insurmountable, refer to your Vision and know that rather than what you decide to do every week or month, it is actually the choices that you are making in this very moment, in the next ten minutes, every hour and every day that will add up to how successful and fulfilled you are – and can become.


Again this empowers as it encourages self-responsibility – and if we felt derailed an hour ago and made the wrong choice, we can always make a better choice that will lead towards success… in the next few minutes.


As a result, let me know what in the moment choices you make to positively impact your success every day at info@rachelbamber.com