WHAT DO YOU WANT? Seeing starts the process of believing

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT CHOICE? How the small decisions add up to success
NEW YEAR: where are you starting from?

Close your eyes and imagine.  Picture your ideal life.  What do you see?  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  What is your life like?

For some people, when doing this exercise they will see their life exactly as it is now and feel content.  Others will view their life at some point in the distant future with maybe a sensation of calm washing over them.  Plus, feel the big pull of excitement and energy coursing through their veins.  They may have seen this exact image in their mind lots of times before.  Others will see a flash of something, and then experience feelings of fear and panic as they attempt to forget what they have just seen, because it is too far removed from where they are now.  Occasionally, someone may see nothing and find themselves thinking “I can’t do this” or believing that their brain is not good enough i.e. “I am not a visual person”.  Deep down they know that change is involved and it is simply too painful to “go there”.

Whatever your response, it is right for where you are, right now.  Knowing this will give you a clue as to how clear your vision is for what you would like 2016 to be all about and also how comfortable you feel about it.    Last month, I encouraged you to work out your starting point (if you have not yet done this, some questions to help you are featured on Episodes). In creating a compelling picture of where you want to go, you will generate valuable insights into what is required to close that gap and make your vision a reality.

Remember, this vision is unique to you.  No two brains are alike.  If you have a partner in life or business, or a team working for you, it will also be beneficial to have a conversation together.  Your idea of what a successful 2016 will look like may be very different to what is inside their head!*

Keep thinking about what you would like to happen.  Your unconscious brain responds to pictures and stories, so get creative in capturing your vision in a way that makes you feel energised and motivated.  When you have a clear destination in mind, you can then start to move forward to reach it – accurately.

After all, you would not travel on an airplane if every time you did so, you heard the Captain and the crew saying “I wonder where we will end up flying to today?”

Share what you notice about your vision with me at info@rachelbamber.com

 “Your imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” 

– Albert Einstein