WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR 2018? A secret for goal achievement

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Happy New Year!  I trust that you are feeling excited and optimistic about the next twelve months and energised about the beginning of a new year.

Do you believe that your future can be better than your past?

I hope so!  Your self-belief and other beliefs that you hold will be major determinants in whether you are successful in making changes and transforming areas of your personal or work life in 2018.

However, your day to day thinking, especially about what you EXPECT will be critical.   Having an expectation that is different to what you want explains why we can stay stuck in particular areas of our life and do not attain particular goals.

Frustratingly, these are often the goals that we REALLY want to achieve such as next level breakthroughs in business sales revenue and profit, to meeting our soul mate, losing weight or even winning an Olympic Gold medal!  If you do not expect to win/achieve X goal, you will not think or feel like a winner so you will not behave like one and therefore not take the relevant action that is required for that NEW level of achievement.

Research has shown that changing your expectations notably changes your life (and student grades!) however, as often is the case with science, it reflects intuition and is back to my old favourite, which is a core principle of NLP: “you get what you focus on” which in this case can be amended to “you get what you expect”.

Expectation + action = your results.

Check-in on your expectations for 2018.

How is your expectation for what you want making you feel?

What is your expectation making you think?

If negative, upgrade your expectations as required.

Choose to take action based upon what you WANT.

As for how you take the path towards your Vision, remember less is more.  I will be demonstrating how to set brain-friendly annual, quarterly and monthly goals that you can expect to achieve later this month at Brighter Thinking LIVE! in London.