WHAT DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? Take action on it now!

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“You knew that five years ago” I overheard a sister say to her brother in a shop last week. Apart from the obvious excitement and novelty at being in a retail establishment which did not sell food* (!), the words immediately struck a chord.

How many things did we know years ago that we still have not taken action on? What is it that we may be waiting for? The perfect conditions? The right time? When we have enough money? When X has happened? When Y has died?

perfection is enemy of progress

This is procrastination (and its alter-ego, perfectionism) at its most insidious, because most likely we have pushed the awareness out of our consciousness: as we are busy getting on with our daily lives. The pandemic may have put things on hold too, through real or imagined constraints.

However, the nudge to take action remains, which gets louder and louder until usually something catastrophic occurs which forces us to make the change or finally “do something about it”.

Anticipating that you may have enjoyed a bit of an Easter break and feel somewhat refreshed, my challenge this month is to confront anything that you have been putting off that is getting you down. You will know exactly what this is.

roll up sleeves, take action

It might be something small like putting stuff away and finding storage solutions for new belongings, or it may be the bigger tickets to a happier and more fulfilled life, such as changing jobs or improving health and fitness.

Whatever it is, refuse for your energy to be sapped by ‘it’ any longer. Do something. Your success, self-esteem and feeling good are priorities. As the brother sighed in the shop, “I know”.


*For those living outside of England, the country started to exit Lockdown on 12 April 2021 and non-essential retail has reopened. Yay!