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Welcome to the start of the “new term” as this time of year is affectionately known. It is not just me, is it? I have written previously about my excitement towards buying a new pencil case and stationery… the drab, grey uniform was less fun though!

Unsurprisingly, with so much newness and change in the air this is a busy time of year for me. Plus, the end of the year is within sight. It starts to become, now or never. Having had the opportunity, time and headspace to reflect whilst on holiday, many people seek to embark on new adventures during September and request my support and challenge both in finding clarity and making them happen.

Therefore, as you may be feeling likewise, I will keep this brief and as always, I hope, simple.

So that you make the most of the remaining four months of 2018 and finish the year having achieved your Vision and all your goals, what is the one area of your life that could do with upgrading right now? Which area requires some tender loving care? Hint: this may be an area of your life that you consistently neglect or the one that you think “isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things”.

Imagine what will it be like if you pay it some attention? What will be possible? What will be the result at the end of the year? How will this positively impact the rest of your life?

Remember, in order to live your ideal life, you have to put life into your living!
The right time to start is now.