THERE IS NO GOING BACK: focus on moving forward instead

THE LOCKDOWN LEADER: focus on ‘in group’ development
COMPARISONS ARE FUTILE: chart your own course

Whilst understandably the first half of 2020 may not necessarily be rated as one of the best six months to any year, I hope that you have found lots of things in your life to be grateful for and perhaps, developed new interests and enjoyed different work opportunities.

As Lockdown life further eases, it is a good time to evaluate your progress against your original Vision and 2020 goals, or if they were abandoned due to the pandemic, how about reflecting on what you would like the rest of this year to be about?

For 7 questions to ask for a half-year check in, click here.

Lockdown or no Lockdown, life cannot be put on hold forever: time ticks on regardless. Adapting to the current situation may have shone a light on what is important in your life and which challenges are truly goals worth going for and which ones lead to a cul-de-sac and that you can now drop.

Life and work are not going to be “going back to normal” unless you wish to focus on the past. However, looking back and wanting things to be the way that they were can lead to a stark change in mental health – and if sustained, depression.

To support positive thinking, develop your success mindset AND achieve brain-friendly peak performance, focus on the possibilities of the future, and consider moving forward instead. Even writing it feels more energetic! What about when you say it out loud?

As a suggestion, catch your thinking and comments that you make to others, so that you are primed positively for the changes to come.

As Mr Shakespeare said: