THE NEXT STEP: where focusing on feelings = action

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The bell for the last lap of the 2020 marathon has just sounded and Quarter 4 has begun! What are your thoughts about this? Is it something like “I just want this year to be over. I cannot wait until 2021 is here and can start afresh” or “There’s 12 weeks to go: what am I excited about 100% completing by 31 December 2020?”

Your mindset (and your current circumstances) will determine whether you have an attitude of resignation or one of bring it on! This may vary depending on your level of motivation, focus and how challenging you perceive the task to be. The balance of this is where we experience ‘flow’.

Last month, the attention was on getting ahead of your plan and targets which boosts motivation and confidence. However, the imminent end of year deadline or perhaps the realisation that you are not where you want to be on the plan or with some goals not started or half-finished, can induce a limbic response in the brain i.e. panic, strong emotion and a feeling of overwhelm.

This can then promote the approach of taking lots of action however it is usually scattered and random or the rabbit in the headlights frozen in fear reaction – and therefore doing nothing.

Either of these can be mitigated by a simple question:
What is the next step that I feel like doing now?

Trust the answer that you hear – and then act upon it.
Even if it feels counter intuitive.

Often this question helps to grant the permission (in the absence of a professional coach!) to rest, have a break doing something else or tidy up the workspace. Or to follow your energy to take a particular action on the project which you had not anticipated. Doing these activities may seem a distraction or displacement, however they can promote the clarity, impact the neurotransmitters in the brain and therefore increase motivation.

Suddenly the path ahead becomes clearer and the solution easier.

You can also ask this question in a different way to help catch any fear or doubt:

What is the next step that I don’t feel like doing now?
What must happen for me to feel like doing it?

If you don’t like the idea of reflecting on your feelings, substitute feel with want to i.e. What is the next step that I don’t want to do?

Enjoy discovering your inner coach!


N.B. Photo above is actually an Indian Hare.