THE FAST STRATEGY TO MOTIVATE & ENERGISE: it boosts your clarity and confidence too!

THE ALTERNATIVE TO MINDFULNESS: What?! It is good for your brain
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There is something unseen which is often present when a client comes to me feeling stuck and with a desire to make changes in their life – and get their confidence back.  It has often been around for at least a few years and generally goes undetected. In a permanently busy life, it is not viewed as important to make time for and certainly not deemed a contributory factor to the current circumstances.  However, it is indeed a reflection.

This something represents the past, the unfinished, the feeling bad, the indecisive, the “I’m not worth it” and “I will not be able to do this again”.  It can also signify the “look at me, aren’t I interesting/clever/well-travelled?” or another identity, lifestyle, relationship that the person no longer has, or never even had in the first place.  Plus, it may not be obvious because it is scary to think about and is frequently hidden behind closed doors…

This something is not unique to only a few people in the so-called developed world.  It is definitely around educated, ambitious and high-standard high-achievers.  You will know somebody who has this something in their life.  You might know several.  You may even recognise its presence in yours.  At best, it dampens mojo, energy, motivation, creativity, innovation and happiness.  At worst, it causes severe procrastination, putting up with disrespect, perfectionism, guilt, anger, stress, depression, physical ailments and life to progress backwards from comfort zone to stagnation.

However, once it is identified, it is easy to remove.*  New motivation and energy are revealed within a day, satisfaction and accomplishment increase immediately and then a powerful forward-moving momentum is unleashed.  Eyes sparkle, skin glows.  New possibility arises from out of nowhere and a confidence to do new things.


So how do you recognise exactly what this something is?

It is anything in your life that does not make you feel energised, excited and uplifted – and that you are not legally obliged to keep.  Anything that does not support you to have more love in your life, whether this is to yourself or towards others.  Anything which encourages fear or prevents you feeling abundant.  Anything that keeps you trapped in the past.  Anything that quite literally drains your brain!

This month, shine a spotlight on your clutter.  I GUARANTEE that taking time to chuck it out will be a worthwhile investment in your present and future success and happiness.  Yes, it may sound woo-woo, however getting rid of what no longer makes you smile is a proven fast method to free up space in your brain and help you get out of your own way to get closer to what you now want.

When I am speaking to groups, people are amazed at the neuroscience behind why it works: I am very passionate about supporting people to declutter, as it is so effective in creating positive change and transformation!

Like me, you may be extremely tidy, minimalist and not think that you have anything significant that could count as clutter. Therefore, if you want help in finding out and eliminating what is holding you back see below for my special offer.

Go on, make room for the new.  What is on the other side is even better…

Please let me know what you chuck out or say no to at


*The practical part is easy; it is the suppressed emotions that can be revealed that we do not want to face which stop us from taking action, hence the build up.  My clients and I have experienced all sorts of feelings when clearing clutter… however neuroscience backs up the old adage “better out than in”.