REVERSE THE ADVENT CALENDAR: the brain-friendly power of giving

ENHANCE FOR 2019: a motivating approach to increasing your happy success

Many people have told me that they have adorned their homes with Christmas decorations already and that this is much earlier than tradition. Perhaps, the festive celebrations are even more welcome this year?

Reflecting with a friend over dinner, some areas of my life are almost unrecognisable compared to the start of 2018… and I am excited that the positive changes (and even more laughs and fun!) will continue into next year. The same can be said of my lovely clients with increased confidence, career changes, phenomenal business growth, massive salary increases, better relationships at home and at work and new brain-friendly leadership, coaching and peak performance skills just some of the goals that Brighter Thinkers have achieved over the last twelve months.

Whilst self-improvement and achievement assists with life satisfaction, I also believe that enjoying a proper laugh and having fun are essential. This time of year is particularly pertinent in reminding us that some people are missing these vital ingredients in their life right now. Plus, the headlines have caught up with neuroscience: more people are reporting feeling lonely and mental health issues are rising. How ironic in the new, always-connected, digital world.

So how about doing a reverse Advent Calendar and actively focusing on giving even more joy (and pleasure 😉 to others this month? Instead of thinking about what you will get every day, think about what you can give. It could be a smile, a laugh, some of your valuable time or even a hug. It could be simply asking if someone needs help or wants to connect over a coffee.

This does not need to be about strangers either. It is likely that someone in your immediate or extended family, work or friendship groups will really appreciate that you have noticed and are thinking of them. Having a chat will help get any current life challenges in perspective, which if left unchecked, can prove deadly.

The bonus is that giving a gift, volunteering, mentoring, random acts of kindness, general helping ITRW* are beneficial to you the giver too as the immediate positive physiological changes in the brain lead to an increase in overall wellbeing and stress reduction. Have fun!

Please let me know what you are inspired to do more of this month.


*Otherwise known as in the real world i.e. not online!