Happy New Year!  I hope that 2024 has begun exactly as you expected and that you are excited about the year ahead.  January always contains so much potential, endless opportunities, possibilities and anticipation for how the year will pan out.  Afterall, “this year things will be different”…

Of course, your health, wealth, career, social life, interests, home, or anything else will not be different this year, unless you commit to changing them and having the self-discipline to take action, even when you don’t feel like it.

You know this already, yet being human, we often think that there is a magic quick fix that if we just do this, it will make an impact and we then don’t need to do anything else.

The reality is that achieving new results takes time and it is the daily actions (your routine) that determines whether you chip away at a goal, or not.  So, the cliché of enjoying the journey is true.

If you don’t like what you must do every day to attain a goal, you (and your brain) are going to think of every excuse as to why not to do it.  Hence, my focus in helping my life coaching and executive coaching clients to focus on what is fun and energises them.

So, what’s important for January, the start of the year?  That you know what you want 2024 to be all about.  Really know and decide, not just “well, if this happens” or “maybe if I do this then…”  These three questions can help start or add to your thinking:

What is most important for you this year?

What is one word that encapsulates the theme for the next twelve months?

Also, what have you said ‘no’ to?

Find more questions to support (and challenge) your thinking, in previous Brighter Thinking Tips.  Happy envisioning and planning!

2024 is a BIG year: Brighter Thinking is celebrating a special anniversary this month…