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Renowned as the “September feeling”, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Refreshed with renewed energy following the holiday season, it is as if the new term is starting and our ambition and focus reignites. Evidence from research concludes that changes are far more likely when we feel positive so in the Northern Hemisphere, the longer days, more sunlight and recent holiday potentially contribute to a more upbeat mood, which could explain why we may feel much more likely to set new goals or challenges during September.

If like me, you are motivated by deadlines, the prospect of the end of the year looming into view, sharpens the priorities and forces swift decision-making (hey, that’s the new laptop chosen then!).

Yes, there are only four months to go before we close the door on 2019 – 16 weeks until Christmas! So what do you think of your progress so far? Perhaps, you would like to begin something new e.g. a new sport, hobby, work project etc? Or are there some goals that you set to achieve by the end of this year that are still eluding you – and are currently without a clear plan or any action?

Now is the time to consider again what is really important in order for you to enjoy your best ever year and what successes you will be celebrating this New Year’s Eve. It could be that in order to achieve your goals, you will have to say no to some existing activities and/or to the addition of new ones. After all, if you had made all the focus, energy and time available, you would have accomplished everything already. I know that this is annoying to hear and it applies to us all, including me!*

What will you prioritise thinking, feeling and behaving for the next four months so that you achieve each goal?

Keep focused on what is fun and what energises you (even if it is the result and not necessarily the process)!


*I will be sharing the highs and lows of my adventures towards achieving some of my own more challenging goals at a later date…