MOTIVATION BOOST FOR MARCH: the crazier the activity, the better!

daffodils in March
WHAT DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? Take action on it now!

Despite the tantalising carrot of forthcoming social fun, motivation may be proving elusive right now. Two months have passed since the heady excitement of anticipating what 2021 will bring, and making plans for the year. Depending on progress, current lockdown restrictions and the weather, you will either feel that you are on track to end the first quarter (Q1) where you would like to be or feel that you are struggling and in stop / start mode.

Either option will benefit from a check-in on success to date and a reflection on whether your brain and body are in the optimal state to feel highly motivated and therefore, capable of producing consistent brain-friendly peak performance.

change your 24 hours

When clients report a lack of motivation, through coaching we find that there is usually something getting in the way of producing vibrant energy and a positive mindset. Perhaps, a long break of no commitments is required. Maybe some decluttering of outstanding pesky tasks, or a complete throw out. A decision is needing to be made. Or the daily routine will benefit from a shorter break or total change: it is amazing how being always on and having to be on time for meetings (which clients report have increased with virtual working) can induce tiredness, low mood and feeling out of control (“my schedule is not my own”).

man doing cleaning

I recommend listening to your intuition to allow the blocker(s) to emerge and however, ridiculous it seems and unrelated to what you think that you should be doing e.g., “my gut is telling me to clear the papers off the worktop” “delete folders and files on my laptop” “go out and sit under a tree” or “do the ironing”*, you simply follow that energy and complete the task. I guarantee that you will experience a constructive shift in your motivation, energy and mindset as a result.

If you are noticing a “can’t be bothered” feeling, refrain from ignoring this message. Your brain is likely to be alerting you for the need of a break, to play, streamline crowded attention or a refresh and refuel. All of which will alter its balance of neurochemistry. After all, you want to be ready and raring to go when the world opens again, don’t you?

spring bridge path

* Said no-one ever. The ironing, I mean. The other activities all led to big breakthroughs.