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As we speed towards the final quarter of 2017, and as September is frequently considered optimal for a “new start” (or new term / academic year!) it is a good time to reflect on the previous eight months.  How is 2017 going for you?  Is the year going to plan, or has there been lovely surprises and changes to your professional and/or personal life?  Are you where you need to be in order to achieve your goals and declare that 2017 was “absolutely amazing” by the end of the year? 

To attain and maintain peak performance, plus of course, reach your goals, simple adjustments and course correction are continually required.  This is rather like flying a plane: it is easy for a jet to veer off its coordinates due to air pockets, unexpected turbulence etc and therefore with the help of computers or a human pilot, it constantly autocorrects itself.

So in order to have had a fantastic 2017, how can you get back on course to hit your target?

What you do you need to be doing MORE of?

What do you need to be doing LESS of?

Success is often this simple!  However, your responses to the three questions above may have been unprecedented.  Please let me know your answers at and I will gladly help you to decipher them.