consistency attracts succcess

12 weeks, 84 days, Q4. Whichever term you prefer (or prefer not to think about!), the 2021 finish line is now in sight. With this clear deadline that the brain and conscious mind can easily comprehend and visualise, suddenly there can be a lot more action and speed of execution increases.

It is tempting to create shiny new goals or fresh strategies to achieve current objectives and, in some instances, this may be the way to go. If circumstances have changed during the year making particular projects no longer applicable then it is time for new definitions of how a successful 2021 will end.

However, it may be more likely that the outcomes that you wanted to achieve during or by the end of 2021 have not changed at all. You still desire them. They will still support and lead you to accomplishing something much bigger beyond their initial satisfaction.

sweat now shine later

Instead of changing the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ it could be time to re-commit and be consistent. You know what it will take to achieve it. You just need to do it. Daily. Then repeat. Yeah, it may not be sexy and at times, probably not exciting however, taking action consistently towards your goal will definitely get you there. Eventually. 100%.

you can hae results or excuses

Chopping and changing goals or methods will waste valuable time and energy.

Trust that you know how to get there. Your way is the way to succeed. Not ‘insert latest expert’s view here’ – they have created the method that works for their brain, not yours. Be true to yourself. You know best.

Listen. The clock’s ticking…

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