INSIGHTS & PROGRESS: unusual questions for next Quarter success

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Welcome to April… and the start of Quarter 2 (Q2) of 2019!

With three months of this year having already passed, now is a great time to assess how you feel about your success so far, what is going on in your life and how much you are on track to achieving your goals for 2019.

Ideally, tracking and measuring progress is a daily, weekly and monthly review however, not everyone wants to be that disciplined, and the busy-ness of enjoying life gets in the way. You may find that reflecting on your work goals is much easier and a more natural process than that of your personal goals, because there is often external accountability from bosses, shareholders and direct reports which facilitates constant feedback on performance.

I have a few quick questions that I regularly ask my coaching clients and also myself which act as a good barometer for success and happiness, however, they are perhaps a bit unconventional…well, that is Brighter Thinking! 😉

How about giving them a go today and asking yourself:

On a scale of 1-10, how much fun am I having in my life right now?

When did I last laugh out loud?

On a scale of 1-10, how energised do I feel? Is this consistent every day?

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied do I currently feel about my performance at the end of each work day?

When did I last do something so absorbing that I was totally and happily focused on it for hours?

It is likely that if your answers to the scaling questions (out of 10) are all high and the experiences recent, overall you think that your life is pretty good and that you are on track. If, however, the scores are low and it was ages since you enjoyed those particular two experiences, this could be an opportunity for change and doings things differently so that by July and the start of the next quarter, you are much more happier with your results.

What do you think?

Post a comment  to celebrate your success at or ask me for some support (and challenge!) to help you move forward to achieve your goals faster and with zero stress. Please send me a question via email and I promise that I will answer you personally (not a robot).

Also, remember I’ve heard it all (!) so nothing surprises me… and deep down we all want to be our best – always.