You did not become successful by accident.  There are many talents, strengths, and qualities that you possess and deploy, that have enabled you to become the wonderful person that you are today.  However, even the most successful leaders on the planet have days that do not work out as planned, things that happen that knock confidence and events that shake their resolve.

However, it’s not how often you get knocked down, it’s how often you get back up which is important.  Believing in yourself and your abilities are essential to help you get up repeatedly. How you think about yourself, and your skills, are fundamental to sustaining success and achieving the results and goals that you set yourself.

Here are 7 Brighter Thinking Tips to increase self-belief:

Confidence: Believing in yourself boosts your confidence.  When you have confidence in your abilities and judgment, you are more likely to take on challenges and persevere in the face of setbacks.

Brighter Thinking Tip: say yes to new opportunities even when you don’t know how.

Know that you have the skills or can develop them along the way.  After all, before you learnt how to do your current line of work, you’d never done it before, had you?

Resilience: Self-belief helps build resilience. In difficult times, the belief that you can overcome obstacles and learn from failures enables you to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Brighter Thinking Tip: knowing when to switch off work and looking after yourself helps to maintain feelings of being in control, which my executive coaching clients are often seeking. Feeling in control as opposed to overwhelmed enhances your resilience.

Motivation: Believing in yourself provides the motivation to set and achieve goals.  It gives you a sense of purpose and direction, encouraging you to take the necessary steps to reach your objectives.

Brighter Thinking Tip: regularly accomplishing what you commit to doing is rewarding for the brain and reinforces motivation and your self-belief.  Avoid over committing which has the opposite effect.

Positive Mindset: Self-belief contributes to a positive mindset.  When you trust in your capabilities, you are more likely to approach situations with optimism, which can lead to better outcomes and increased overall well-being.

Brighter Thinking Tip: create a list of your successes from today, the previous month or even last year.  Remind yourself of what has gone well.  This keeps them top of mind which reinforces your self-belief.

Create good thoughts: ensure that your self-talk is giving you the messages that you want to hear and providing the motivational ‘pep’ as required.

Brighter Thinking Tip: challenge any thoughts that you have that you would not wish on your best friend!  Replace them with kind and positive thoughts.  Keep catching your thoughts and keep practicing the more encouraging ones.  Prepare to be in the long haul with this strategy.

All limitations are self-imposed

Risk-Taking: Confidence in yourself allows you to take calculated risks.  Instead of fearing failure, you see challenges as opportunities for growth, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Brighter Thinking Tip: rate activities or tasks that you perceive to be risky, but will ultimately be good for you, on a scale of Low, Medium and High. Challenge yourself to take a low risk today! You can gradually work up to the bigger ones…

Influence on Others: When you believe in yourself, others are more likely to believe in you too.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  Your self-assurance can inspire and positively influence those around you, fostering a supportive environment.

Brighter Thinking Tip: share your positive energy with someone else today.  It’s likely that they may need a boost to how they feel about themselves.

Which one or more of the above tips is your intuition telling you that you need to do more of?

Confess your sabotaging behaviour to me here and I will reply to you personally with some encouragement!