CHOOSE HAPPINESS NOW: Be present every day

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Happiness often seems to be something that we are continually striving for, as if it is something elusive, only

available in the future.  I hear people actually say phrases such as “When I get a new job, I will be happy” or

“When I get a new partner, I will be happy” or even “When I make a million, I will be happy.”


We can choose to be happy now.  For me, it is a way of thinking and being and appreciating the present.

Giving gratitude really does help.  If, all the doom and gloom that is spread in the media or by colleagues is affecting you,

buck the trend by getting into the habit of thinking at least three things that you are thankful for every day.

This will help you to look for the positive and brighten your outlook on your life.


Another powerful attitude is choosing to appreciate what you have, right now, this very moment.


For example, for me, in the middle of a recent long walk in the countryside, just sitting still in the sun with my eyes closed

helped me to really tune in and hear the sounds of the birds, feel the grass under me, the warmth of the sun on my

skin and the wind of my face.


If my group of friends and I had carried on walking, we would not have experienced these things fully.

Perhaps, we would have barely noticed them and taken them for granted, as usual.

Indeed some of the group found it very difficult to just sit and do nothing: one was already on the train back to London again, in her mind!


So may I encourage you, that as you go about your day, catch yourself if you feel that your mind has wondered elsewhere and that you

are not really ‘present’ with the person that you are talking to, or the activity you are engaged in.

For example, mundane activities such as washing up can even be enjoyed (!) and your glass of wine will taste even better,

when you are really present doing them… not to mention some more sensual activities!

When you choose to focus on being happy today, you might also receive different feedback from those close to you…


Also, if you are going on holiday, take time to notice whether you really are on holiday in your ‘mind’ too and that you are simply

focusing on what you are doing whilst you are away. If you are continually choosing to check your mobile telephone or BlackBerry (or ‘TrackBerry’ as I have heard it referred to)

ask yourself, how present are you being with those that you are with?