COMMIT TO WINNING: mind your language to get results

DEADLINES: Make them work in all areas of your life

I have been really enjoying the World Cup, although with Forl?n and Cavani (ahem, Uruguay!) out, it is not as exciting for me to watch now! As previously mentioned in Brighter Thinking Tips, we can learn a lot from performance in sport. The determination to succeed, the single-minded focus on the vision, the way the athletes and players get into ‘flow’ or the zone.

Even if you are not following the footie, you can apply some simple winning thinking to all areas of your life. For example, what kind of language do you use to talk to yourself or to demonstrate to others about what tasks you would like to achieve? Hearing the England Captain, Steven Gerrard’s pre-match comments in the press conferences, it was totally apparent that England were not going to win their matches, let alone anything else. He used words such as “we will try” and “hopefully”. He did not sound convinced of his team’s ability and seemed to lack determination: not good in a leader!

My lovely clients will be smiling knowingly reading this. This is because I reflect back any words and phrases spoken during their coaching sessions, which my intuition and experience sense as ‘triggers’ to indicate performance that is not going to lead to change, completed actions and ultimately, goal achievement. They learn fast too! It is amazing how clients ‘self-correct’ their language as the coaching series progresses. The next time someone says to you “I will try and call you later” or “hopefully this person will book” pay attention. Deep down, you know that they are not going to call or give you the business.

Think about the difference when someone states “I will…” instead. There is an intention behind the words and the doubt is removed.

So, what are YOU willing to commit to thinking and doing this month to help you get what you want in your life?

Commit to winning and doing your best. Team England please take note!