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When desiring to enhance their success and happiness, plus achieve the covetable skills of brain-friendly peak performance, numerous people (and organisations) make the mistake of initially attempting to fix the wrong things and in the wrong order. For example, it does not matter how brain-friendly you are leading others, managing your time, getting stuff done or how much exercise you are doing, as your performance will only achieve unsustainable short-term peaks if your overall mojo is low.

The FIRST thing that you need to do to achieve brain-friendly peak performance is LOVE what you do every day! Yes, it really is that simple. Imagine if everyone is doing the work that they love and reflects their strengths? However, amazingly in the twenty-first century, there are many who still think that loving your work is for other people or that they are not allowed to do what they really, really want every day. In other words, it is a fantasy (for another life, which may never happen).

Following delivering a workshop, I was astounded as corporate executives gathered round me looking rather sheepish: my words “you choose which job you do every day” hung in the air. The very notion that they did not have to stay in a role or work for an organisation that had long since passed its “best before” date had really hit home that evening. I was surprised that they felt so constrained and without autonomy.

Jumping out of bed every day excited to go to work can be a reality for you. Yes, there may be some sacrifices as you make the transition. Nevertheless, these pale into significance with all the gains in higher mojo, lower stress, higher self-esteem, increased confidence, satisfaction and happiness. Experience with my clients indicates that you can expect an improved love life too!

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In 2003, I left my successful corporate career and reliable, monthly salary to jump into the unknown and into uncertainty: I paid for brain-based coaching skills training and then started my own business – and never looked back. I love helping people love what they do and have done this ever since, working as a professional executive coach for Directors (or leadership / high performance coach or life coach – whatever you prefer to call me).

I appreciate that it is not without risk to follow your heart and ‘calling’, however “nothing easy is worth having” (adapted from Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quotation). However, what is the risk to your life, health and happiness if you do not listen to your feelings?

Refrain from putting up with a lacklustre job, business or staying stuck far too long at a crossroads in your career. Be inspiring for others. You CAN have what you want. It is possible to absolutely LOVE what you do and cannot believe that you get paid to do it. After all, no-one enjoys the company of the person moaning about their job all the time, do they?