ENHANCE FOR 2019: a motivating approach to increasing your happy success

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Happy New Year! I trust that you are feeling excited and optimistic about the next twelve months and energised about the beginning of a new year.

As the usual ‘New Year, New You’ inspirational* features dominate the media this month, here’s a Brighter Thinking suggestion as to how you can make a positive impact on your wellbeing and success without feeling deprived, or that you are turning your whole life upside down in one go.

You rock! You have a great life. You already achieve a lot every day, every week and every month. Your regular schedule probably features many things which contribute to your overall happiness and fulfilment. This is about what will make your life even better than it is right now. How 2019 can deliver on the promise of maximum enjoyment!

With this in mind, think about how you would like to enhance your life rather than what you would like to take away. The words that you choose matter to your brain (and your motivation). Considering what you would like to add in or what will add value to your current situation e.g. work or social life, is far more positive and life-affirming than reflecting on what you don’t want or what you must give up. Plus, this approach is less likely to trigger the threat response in your brain’s limbic system so that the changes that you would love to experience will be more motivating and manageable to accomplish.

I will be demonstrating how you can enhance your life and how you can create new positive, sustainable habits later this month at Brighter Thinking LIVE! in London on Friday 25 January 2019.

*Or is it time to run for the hills and hibernate until it is February?