As the first quarter of 2013 ends, I have caught myself feeling a sense of panic at the fact that three months of the year have passed and not thinking that I had progressed far enough and perhaps even had gone off track on what I would like to achieve this year. Yes, a little negativity can even happen to me, a coach! However, being kinder in my thinking, I realised that various curve balls have been thrown in the last few months so I have had to be flexible and adapt accordingly. As always, these things provide fantastic learning opportunities and are sources for growth reflecting that “things have a habit for turning out for the best”. Plus, deeper insight reveals that I have focused on what gives me “joy” and enjoyed activities that I want to “do more of in 2013” as per January’s Brighter Thinking Tips!

Also, my Vision is still in place and on further examination is still motivating, which is most important. Plus, even more thinking reveals that actually yes, I have made a lot of progress, learnt and accomplished new things whilst having fun – far more than immediately apparent: just not all of the exact ones that I had planned for January – March 2013 (Q1).

This mirrors the journey that my coaching clients often experience. Turning up for their first session thinking that they want to make change in one particular area of their personal or work life and then discovering that their real desire or Vision is indeed something else, what I call the “higher reason” for the goal. In addition, taking action towards their different goals precipitates lots of learning and creates new positive habits. Clients learn to be flexible so that they can alter thinking and behaviour to enable the positive change for the desired results to occur.

Indeed, it has been frequently said that in today’s workplace those that thrive on uncertainty and can adapt and change quickly (both employees and the organisations themselves) will be the ones that survive the long haul. Like a huge oil tanker, it can take a while for the instruction to change course to take effect and be visible to the naked eye: initial plans have to be made first.

Therefore, the work that you have done in the last few months will have taken you towards your priorities that you had for Q1… they just might have been different priorities to the ones you originally intended. Consequently, I encourage you to reflect on the last three months and see how far you have come and of course, celebrate your successes.

Finally, there is time to correct your course for 2013 (you intuitively know if you are still doing stuff that is truly hampering your progress) so clear out, finish or delegate NOW what will prevent you from being on track for Q2 and the rest of the year.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today

and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson