COMMUNICATION: the key to success… and a Happy Christmas!

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I really enjoy helping my clients get better results through their communication. Typically, I enable people to develop their skills in relating to others, maximise their personal impact and increase assertiveness. I believe that improving these skills is a lifelong journey of learning and admit that I still can occasionally get things very wrong! Generally, our communication can be impeded because our feelings get in the way in some form of another. Fear and anger can take over and shut down the thinking part of the brain. Hence, why some people can forget facts and figures when put under pressure in a board meeting. Or, why others fail to speak up when one of their ‘boundaries’ has been crossed. Therefore, one of the keys to improving communication is developing emotional awareness – recognising your own feelings and emotions so you can communicate what you really want to, rather than masking these.
In addition, considering how you want your communication to ‘land’ with the other person is paramount. This powerful quote will help you remember this tip, which is particularly relevant over the festive season…
“People will always forget what you did. People will always forget what you said. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Annette Simmons