CELEBRATE IMPERFECTION: a tip that guarantees you will get more done!

THE CERTAINTY OF CHRISTMAS: it is good for your brain!

I’ve just celebrated submitting my first book proposal to a publisher! Although I know that readers and clients appreciate me sharing my own goals (this is what you tell me!) the reason that I mention it here is because well quite frankly, the proposal was not perfect, 100% right and may not wholly reflect what will be the finished book. However, this does not matter because if I had waited to submit the perfect proposal well, you’ve guessed it… the publisher would still be waiting to receive it and my childhood dream of being a published author would remain just that… a dream.

I regularly work with ‘perfectionist’ clients and being a ‘reformed Perfectionist’ myself, I know how debilitating a trait this can be. I wrote earlier this year about the ‘perils of perfectionism’ particularly on our self-esteem and it also seems that this trait has a massive impact on productivity – not only on general, daily work and chores however, on the many dreams that people have which never come to fruition, because it is either “not the right time” or “I just need to learn X then I will be ready.”

Sadly, there will never be the right time… the perfect conditions do not exist after all!

Therefore, this month’s challenge to you is to make a conscious choice to get something done imperfectly. Celebrate the achievement of the doing it knowing that it is not perfect, however, that you got it done all the same. Sound simple?