BRING ON NOVEMBER: listen to your body

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I am writing this standing up.  No, I have not got one of those standing-up desks (yet).  Unfortunately, it is because I put my back out last week.  One hour before my gorgeous nieces and family arrived to stay!  I did not do it even by doing something err, interesting and fun which would of course provide the medical profession and I with no end of humour.  The pain that I am experiencing is due to bending down to empty my vacuum cleaner.  ZZZ!  Incorrectly, I might add, as I did not bend my legs.  Plus, I already know that I have to take extra care of my hips and back anyway. Ouch.

You may be wondering why I am choosing to share this because on the surface it is negative; however I believe that there is generally a positive to be found with most experiences in life and benefits to be gained.  This thinking is that of an optimist and a growth mindset i.e. “it is not that bad as I as I can hobble about and what I can learn from it?” kind of internal dialogue. 

Indeed, I have had to be vulnerable and ask for help, meaning be less independent so that is useful.  My nieces were eager to be kind and helpful.  They thought nothing of supporting me to dress, putting on my socks and shoes so that we could go out.  They were very happy for me to share the climbing frame with them at the play park, as I sought to stretch out my spine.  They did not even wince with any embarrassment as Auntie Rachel hung off a metal gate either. 

However, despite being resilient and getting on with it (a family strength until it is not one!), I did find myself thinking “2016 has been a strange year, it seems to be about looking after yourself more and I am obviously not doing enough”.  Yes, I cracked the proverbial whip on my back.  As I’ve just typed those words, my brain has nudged me with an insight to say “yes, that is exactly what you have done.  You were stressed in getting everything ready and just perfect so this is the result.”  Grrr.

Also, because of moving home four months ago I have not been doing what has worked for me to keep my body healthy and flexible because the particular exercise is not available where I now live.  So I stopped doing what was working.  OK, I have started a new one: badminton, which I absolutely love.  However, being competitive with a racquet on a feathered object does not include stretching…  

So this month I am going to take notice of the insights and take even more extreme self-care of myself. This is good because now the clocks have gone back in the UK, like many people I struggle with the dark and cold nights drawing in.  So instead of fighting it I am going to embrace the fact that I am not usually as motivated in the winter by:


Not bothering if I don’t jump out of bed early in the morning.  I don’t like getting up in the dark and made a career decision to stop this years ago, but persist in thinking that I should be a lark.   Sometimes I am, more often though I am not.  This is normal and apparently influenced by genetics.  In the winter, we tend to sleep more anyway as per other warm-blooded animals.




Not worrying if I fancy staying in and watch more movies on Amazon Prime than usual.  Yay, The Grand Tour starts later this month too…


Embracing the fact that I actually like wearing cosy slippers because I hate having cold feet when sat doing desk work in my office.  Warming winter footwear is generally not sexy. 

Although I always wanted some fluffy marabou mule slippers as a kid…

Having more massages, specific treatments etc and prioritise attending a stretching exercise class.  Yes, all this takes time and there are the additional financial implications, but what is more important than your health? 

I hope that this has resonated with you in some way and would love to hear what you are going to do for YOU this month that demonstrates extreme self-care?   


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