BRAINS LIKE HOLIDAYS TOO: 3 simple steps to benefit your brain

Why creativity & confidence are connected

Many countries in continental Europe are already enjoying what seems like an official national holiday not just for school children but their entire nation.  For many others, the month of August is more typically the designated time to have a summer vacation.

Rather alarmingly though, despite a plethora of scientific research, many people are still finding it increasingly challenging to unplug from work (in both meanings of the word) whatever type of holiday they seek.  If you have been a Brighter Thinker for a while, you will know that having proper breaks for your brain (and body) is essential for peak performance and of course to reduce stress and maintain wellbeing.  These breaks include small breaks during the working day, night and longer ones at the weekends when you are absorbed in something else other than work.

Making decisions, focusing on conversations, managing teams are all resource intensive activities for the brain and without sufficient recharging, its performance will drop and as a result, your efficacy.  If you are attempting to multi-task, this is magnified.  Therefore, breaks are a non-negotiable tool for success!

Here are 3 simple steps to benefit your brain and mojo whilst on holiday:

No digital distractions.  If the mere thought of this is causing you anxiety, you definitely need to do this. Preparation and planning before you go will ensure everything will keep ticking along just fine without you.  

Be in the moment whatever holiday activity you are enjoying. This will also ensure that you are single-task focused. If you are sunbathing, be sunbathing and totally focused on the entire beach experience. If you are navigating wild water rapids in a canoe, be on the river immersed in the adrenaline and noise of the water.  If your children ask you to play ‘sharks’ in the pool, jump in with wild abandon and be the fun Mummy or Daddy again.*

Be interested in what is around you: the brain loves novelty so engaging the senses, enjoying new activities, exploring new places, trying different food, attempting to speak Franglais all stimulate and therefore “exercise” your brain.  

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*They are always impressed with a dive-bomb!