BOOK OF THE MONTH: recommending a useful, motivational book to inspire your thinking

COMMUNICATION: the key to success… and a Happy Christmas!

Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler will help you to carry out a useful audit for 2009 and stimulate some new thinking about what you want to achieve in 2010. The review part is more useful than the goal setting though. I recommend working towards only 3 goals in 12 weeks (rather than thinking of the whole year ahead) as otherwise it gets too overwhelming for your brain, focus and energy… and you will be far less likely to get started!
Thrifty, clutter-saving, secret tip: I am a massive fan of Westminster Libraries and order all of my books through them. Titles that I really like and will use again, are subsequently purchased online and these make it onto my prestigious bookshelf! Hence, I read over 200 books a year at a fraction of their cost. Please take advantage of your local library and place book requests with them (even new publications). It saves you ‘paying twice’ as you have already paid for your library through your local service charges.