ARE YOU ON TRACK FOR SUCCESS OR STUCK? Top three-tip technique to help you get unstuck

CHOOSE THE ‘STONES’ IN YOUR LIFE: make time for what makes you happy first

Yesterday was Groundhog Day in the USA which apparently means that if the Groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. Well, I guess we know the answer to that one! You will probably be more familiar with the acclaimed film of the same name. Bill Murray plays a television meteorologist covering the event and finds himself stuck, repeating his day over and over again. Only after helping others, learning from each day and opening his heart does his life eventually move on.

Have you been thinking that some areas of your life including work are a bit ‘stuck’

For example, if you assessed your priorities for the year in January and made resolutions (or hopefully, goals!) to make changes in your life, would you like to have made more progress than you have so far? Or, is there a particular challenge that you are facing at work which still has not been resolved?

Often we can set into panic mode when we feel this way, especially amidst this current wave of doom and gloom and yes, the situations that many people are now facing are extremely stressful. However, whether you are a ‘panicker’ or a ‘head in the sand’ type, the problem is not going to go away. Plus, beating yourself up about not moving forward will keep you in a negative mind-set and creates what I call, Black Thinking. Your creativity, helpful thinking from your unconscious mind and resourcefulness shut dow

So how can you move from Black Thinking to creating some Brighter Thinking to help you get unstuck?

Break the pattern

Stop what you are doing and physically move to another area of your office, workplace, home e.t.c. This changes your energy as it literally gives
you a different perspective.
Tell yourself out loud to stop thinking unhelpful thoughts: the brain responds to direct commands.

Smile or find something to make you laugh: it is impossible to feel sad or annoyed when you induce this physiological response.

(2) Shift to solutions

Instead of asking ‘why’ ask yourself ‘how’ e.g. not ‘why am I feeling low?’ ask ‘how can I feel better?’
Write down at least 20 ideas as to how you could solve your challenge e.g. 20 ideas to generate more income it is important to find 20 as your unconscious mind will really get creative and help you generate exciting, new ideas that you are much more likely to actually develop, rather than the first few that you regularly think of and probably are not enthusiastic about doing. Otherwise you would have done them, wouldn’t you?
Ask for help: yes, it is ok to do this. Even from your boss if you have one – they like to feel needed after all! Other people will have different ideas and will help stimulate your thinking. Choose who you ask carefully though (make sure they are supportive) and that it is a convenient time.

Do something different

Take action on the ideas that you feel energised by: this final step is crucial to successfully moving forward and getting better results. You will feel good for doing something different, that you actually want to do and that stretches you. Your brain will thank you as it will create new neural connections, which will become embedded by repetition. Plus, you will send a positive message to your unconscious mind that you made

use of its vast abilities, which will help you in the future. Notice how you feel now?

Relating this back to the film, learning new things, doing different activities and opening yourself up to new experiences are therefore key to change and making progress.