ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU LOVE? Or are you denying yourself fun

ARE YOU LISTENING? Or are you simply hearing?
WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR 2018? A secret for goal achievement

Last month’s edition focused on how what you expect is critical to goal achievement. This belief will be demonstrated at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games which begin this Friday.  I am very excited, as the beautiful snow and ice give an extra sense of jeopardy which makes for compelling viewing.  Plus, I get to watch it for work – yay!

Elite athletes LOVE their training sessions despite the early starts, potential pain endured and disruption to what most would consider having a ‘normal’ life.  They could not put the hours in week in, week out if they did not enjoy what they do.  Just like entrepreneurs, who often report that they work much longer hours than when previously employed.

Despite this, I am amazed at how many people remain totally surprised that they can actually LOVE what they do for work and LOVE what they do for hobbies/interests etc i.e. love however you spend your guaranteed one time on this planet.

I’ve racked my brain and there is not much that we are obliged to do that we might not like – especially in the western world.  Even taking exams and undergoing uncomfortable health checks are a choice.

Exceptions are having to:

  1. Visit your loved one’s crazy/non-washing/naturist inside the home* relatives, especially on celebratory occasions.
  2. Pay tax.**
  3. Attend funerals.***
  4. Vote, if you live in a country where political selection is compulsory.****

So in this month of love, I encourage you to take an inventory of ALL the current activities in every area of your life.  Rate each one on a scale of 0-10 for how much it makes your heart sing and adds joy and value to your existence.  What is the ratio?

If you are choosing to spend any of your time on less than 10/10s, please don’t settle for this.  Your life is worth so much more.

It may take a while to phase out what you don’t really love, however if you only focused on doing this in 2018, your life will positively transform in ways you cannot imagine until you get started.

Excited? Apprehensive?  Let me know how you are currently doing in the 10/10 Love Club at  As I wrote that, I realised it sounds like it could be another sort of club!  Will work on the name then!


* Delete as appropriate, although they could be all 3.

** Some people may argue with me on this one, however unless your idea of a long, relaxing holiday consists of solitary confinement within a plain concrete room with barred windows, I beg to differ.  Hang on, I may have invented an idea for a new spa /retreat…

*** Only of people you knew and appreciated, obviously.  Perhaps there are funeral festival goers though?

**** You could move to North Korea.  There is only one candidate in an election.  Apparently, you can vote against them, however you have to do so in a special booth… good luck with that.