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“You don’t know it, until you do it” is frequently featured in my opening statement when presenting on stage. As you are an intelligent human being (and Brighter Thinker!), you potentially know a multitude of different subjects. Yet despite this vast knowledge there are probably things that you know contribute to your success and happiness, yet are not engaging in on a regular basis.

Many clients contact me to help them to start doing. At its heart, one of the core tenets of pure coaching is that the client knows best and it is my job to draw the learning and insights from them – and to support (and challenge!) them to take powerful action to achieve their goals.

This corresponds neatly with the subsequent discovery from neuroscience that no two brains are alike and that motivation is far higher when an individual has autonomy and decides for themselves. In doing this, new neural connections are created and installed in their brain, which is definitely not the case, if told what to do!

Therefore, this is a reminder that:

You know what energises you

You know what feels fun

You know what and who makes your heart sing

You know what you love doing

You know who supports you

You know who helps you to laugh

You know what your non-negotiable dreams are

You also know, deep down, what negates all of the above too.

It is up to you whether you “do it” and actively choose to focus on ensuring that everything that you love is included in your life, or if you discount your needs and wants and settle for mediocrity. If there are things that you have learnt and know play a part in your brain-friendly peak performance, yet are not doing, success will be fleeting.

You don’t know it, until you do it!