ARE YOU COMING FROM LOVE OR FEAR? Your results reveal your answer

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Yes, I know that doesn’t sound very practical or scientific however the results of your thinking on another person’s brain can be directly and visibly measured. Ultimately, all emotions stem from either love or fear.  The challenge is that half (if not more) of the time we are walking around in an unconscious state and not really aware of the basis of our thoughts, if we are alert to our habitual thoughts at all.

Think about this question for a moment: are you coming from love or fear?  What happens when everything you say and do derive from a place of love?  It probably feels easy, open and pure.  The noise inside your head will be quiet and your day will go so much more smoothly. 

What about the things that you say or do that come from a place of fear?  It feels constricting as I write this.  Small. Tight. Anxious. Scarce.  Black.  Nasty even.  There is judgement of yourself and others, critical behaviour and blame.  A day like this is likely to feel hard, challenging and slow.  With enhanced awareness of how you are being, you may not even like yourself at the end of it!     

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Of course, if you are giving yourself a hard time about something that perhaps you did not do so well or how you handled a recent situation, it will be more challenging to express love to those with whom you work or live.  High achievers push themselves hard and, in my experience, tend to be less forgiving of themselves and others as opposed to those who are happy to go where the wind takes them.  However, constantly striving for perfection and achievement can swing you over into coming from fear and the ultimate pit that this leads to in both men and women: “I am not good enough.”

So take a quick check and think how you can amend your thinking and feeling to communicate with yourself and those with whom you interact, so that you are coming from love.   There is no need to make this difficult, simply set your intention to do it.  You will be astounded with what happens.

When the inevitable occurs and you forget and suddenly hear yourself coming from fear instead, it does not matter.  You are human.  Even robots malfunction!  Make amends in the moment and get on with your day.  Trust that you will remember for next time.

Finally, if you are wondering how on earth you can choose to do this at work, please send me an email and I will gladly help you.  Or maybe it is a subject for the next Brighter Thinking with a Bottle video?

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